Our primary goal will always be to be the best recruitment and resource partner that we can be. To help our clients deliver on your ever pressing commercial and professional goals. To support growth, create stability and ensure you have the correct level of knowledge and support to help you achieve your business goals.

We often say in our internal reviews, that we don’t sell people, that you can’t commoditise intelligence and experience. And therefore we are not selling IQ.


But we are providing a service. We sell our solution in the hope that it will create positive outcomes, help save time, money and effort. And finally create lasting and valued partnerships.


But like in so many commercial relationships there are a sea of good intentions and platitudes. Relationships and partnerships are the goal for all of us, we would hope. But how do you add actual actions and outcomes into these positive sentiments that we all hold?


For the TXM Technology Group. We have solved this by designing a Client Tool box.


We have developed several services that will add value to your world outside of your standard Resource and Recruitment needs. Some of these we have purposefully developed because these are things that we do in our day to day, every day. We feel we should share these outcomes with our clients.


Many things in this tool box will not attract a cost. And if there is further expense. We mitigate it by off setting this cost against your recruitment fee exposure. We want to be a central solution for many of your other resource, talent attraction, talent retention needs.


Some of the things we do for our client community are listed below. But if you feel we can add value on a more bespoke solution for a specific project. Share it with us and we may be able to utilise our community to provide something that will really help you cross that divide.


  • Work with one of the UK’s leading performance and management coaches – Rory Coleman – World record holder and the UK’s number one competitor in the MDS. Crossing the Sahara over 13 times.


  • We also work with a management performance coach that has supported some of the UK’s leading Ftse 250 company’s senior management teams.  A retired copper of some repute. Having been a Chief Inspector, and headed up the COBRA operation for many years. Our performance guru has climbed the Matterhorn, rowed the Atlantic and crossed several deserts unsupported. All in his sixties. He is a great guy and will add value to all environments.


  • Allow us to engage your local universities and engage with Grads and the emerging talent. We regularly run client introduction workshops at local universities across the UK.


  • Interview training – One of our MD’s passions is candidate engagement and helping clients become an employer of choice. Work with Fran to develop a world-class engagement solution.




  • Talent mapping and salary bench marking. If you have an upcoming project. Let us help you forecast resource cost and map how and where to engage. Giving you strategic insight into where we can save on recruitment fees. And where your recruitment budget is best spent. Targeting a direct hire approach and utilising your budget in a more focused and exact approach.


  • Let us work with your teams to design unique and engaging marketing campaigns that will encourage a more robust direct hire solution.


  • The design and delivery of managed service solutions. Ranging from Neutral vendor through to full PSL management. Our senior leadership team has over 30 years RPO experience and we can help you to design and manage unique resource solutions that fits and delivers.


These are just some of the service we do this and every week. But we want to do more. If you have an idea or goal. Then we would love to talk it through with you and white board a few actions.


We know recruitment and people are your most expensive and important investment. But it isn’t always about margin and Pbit. Ideas, passion and shared objectives can’t be invoiced. Lets us share in some of your extra thinking and we are sure will add that value that drives us all on every day.