Located in the heart of Hampshire, the TXM Technology South office is based out of an idyllic 17th-century orangery, part of the famous Cams Hall Estate. With access by road, rail and air to every major economic centre in the UK and Europe, gives the team excellent coverage, with the ability to work in open countryside overlooking peaceful views.

TXM Technology South
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The TXM Technology story began in 2013 when three ambitious Recruiters came together to build a consultancy, where our mantra and ethos is to be results and possitive outcomes focused.


The TXM Technology South team is the founding team of our ever growing and exciting group of companies. It is where it all began. From the outset, the whole team set up the business in a manner that suited the collective goals; to always go The Xtra Mile by making sure we drive positive outcomes for all involved; the client, the candidate, the recruiter. We ensure we do this by making sure we target and deliver correctly with a purpose in three key areas:


• Core IT

• Digital and Information

• Security and Cyber Tech Solutions


In our words, we turn the key, we help create a solution, service or product, and finally, we keep it all safe.


From the first day, we knew the type of company we wanted to support. In year one we targeted ten companies that had technology at the centre of operations. We learned all we could about those organisations ensuring we understood their brand, resourcing goals and candidate solutions. We partnered with all ten - it was a great start. 


It was in this first year that our team developed and focused a solution that we are so proud of today. We honed this collective goal, disregarding KPI’s and targets and replacing them with a positive results index. Central to the service is investing in partnerships and always working to ensure results. We treat candidates like clients and our clients like they are our colleagues. The rules we work by are straightforward and honest - hard work delivered by experienced recruiters in an open and transparent manner.


Our ten clients grew year on year, so much so we limited the number of client partnerships to ensure quality management and guaranteed delivery. In 2015 we introduced Project 50. In 2016 we completed Project 50, and in 2017 our goal is Project 70. This is a guarantee that we will never dilute what we do and promise to invest in these central relationships. Project 70 is a TXM Technology Group promise born out of the TXM Technology South office. Our ‘projects’ work - how do we know? Because the ten companies we supported in 2013, the 50 in 2016 are still with us in 2017.


Another reason why we know it works is we have a 95% offer to placement ratio. Over any 12-month period, over 90% of all permanent placements are still employed with over 90% of all of our contract placements are either extended or offered permanent roles.


If you are a candidate looking for expert support, or a client looking to be part of the Project 70 team, want the best in technology resource and recruitment support, we would love to hear from you.

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