Project 70 is the central initiative in our business. It is how we GUARANTEE that we always work to drive positive outcomes for our clients, for our candidate and our team.

Positive outcomes are what “Going the Xtra Mile” means for our business. If we create positive outcomes daily for all involved, quite simply put, we are succeeding in our prime commercial and professional goals. Project 70, therefore, allows us to build the framework on how we can ensure that this occurs.


In 2017 we will limit the number of clients that we will partner with to 70. Our goal, whether you are a Global Fortune 500 enterprise business (of which we support many) or if you are a motivated and brilliant start-up that we help to build a launch team for (we love doing this BTW), you will get a level of service, commitment and support that ensures that all involved gets a valuable, engaged and active solution.


  • Project 30: In 2015 we partnered with 30 companies – of which over 75% invited us to become key suppliers.

  • Project 50: In 2016 we partnered with 50 companies. Again the implemented KPI’s supported our vision for positive outcomes being our central goal. We worked with all 30 clients from 2015 again and added 20 brilliant new client partners; placing over 200 IT professionals and generating a portfolio of over £2 million in sales in our second year of trading.

  • Project 70: In Q1 we have already partnered with over 30 clients, and have sight on how we will hit that target of 70 client partners in 2017 across three distinct geographical markets. Our 70 clients will benefit from expert technology resource support throughout the UK, EU economic regions and new for 2017, into the USA.


Here are Some KPI’s that we are very proud of showing that our approach and focus has created and given the whole company certainty with a level of confidence that our vision is correct and welcomed by all we deal with:


  • TXM Technology has a 95% offer to placement ratio.

  • 90% of candidates that we place in both permanent and contract roles are still in placement 12 months after engagement.

  • We are introducing over 30 candidates a week to our clients that will lead to a formal interview. Our clients on average will only review three candidates before making a decision to engage with the candidates on either an FTE or interim basis.

  • Over 75% of our clients have asked TXM Technology Group to join a PSL or approved supply agreement. 10% of our client community ONLY use TXM Technology for their permanent or contract technology resource solutions.

  • We will place 400 permanent and contract IT professionals in some of the most challenging niches within the technology spectrum.​​​


For the whole TXM Technology Group, Project 70 is the key initiative that we all hold close to our hearts. Ensuring positive outcomes, doing more with fewer clients and providing better solutions for our candidates means we enjoy what we do and invest in the solution.


Going The Xtra Mile for those we work for and with every single day.


If you would like to learn more about Project 70 – whether you are a potential client or a candidate looking to be introduced to one of our retained customers, then please do get in touch.