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Francis Jones

Managing Director of TXM Technology Group

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The TXM Technology Group is a collection of teams, companies and services driving positive outcomes throughout everything we do. As we say, our recruitment solutions help you turn the lights on (Core IT), sell your products and services (Digital), then we help you keep it all safe (Cyber).


Therefore, if you need what can be a very niche and hard to find resource we will know exactly where to look and then how to explain our client’s requirements. Because we only work with clients we choose to invest time, money and effort into; we like to think this gives us the edge when supporting our candidates through the process.


We are very proud of the only KPI that means anything to us - a 95% offer to placement ratio and over 90% of all placements are still in situ after 12 months post placement.


So when we talk about going The Xtra Mile and what this means to us, it is this ability to create these brilliant KPI’s and support niche candidates with understanding and insight. It is our goal to create effective client partnerships built on a foundation of understanding, trust and value. We all understand that by working in this forward thinking manner, that going The Xtra Mile for us is working to deliver these positive outcomes every day.


The TXM Technology Group sits within a wider group of companies – The TXM Group


We are a team of businesses providing a diverse and far-reaching portfolio of resource focussed solutions. From High Tech Engineering, Global Health Services, Finance, Rail to of course our brilliant IT and Cyber resource business. We can provide these solutions across every major geographical and economic regions. With offices in the UK, Europe, Emirates, Australia and USA we are successfully placed to deliver on what we promise.


The group allows each MD to develop and craft a solution within their niche driving what The Xtra Mile means for their unique offering. We have built a collective group of 20 companies all sharing in the TXM ethos now delivering over £100 million in sales and placing thousands of permanent and interim experts in their field across the globe.


TXM Technology Group benefits from being part of a truly global team. The expertise, support, management and insight that we can draw upon is incredible and has now allowed us to grow and cultivate our solution in such a dynamic and direct manner.